Pastor's Corner - April 2024

The Song of Moses and the Lamb

Revelation 15:1-4 reveals a captivating scene in heaven, where those who have triumphed over the beast stand victorious on the sea of glass, singing the song of Moses and the Lamb. This passage underscores the ultimate victory of God’s people, reaffirming the sovereignty of God and the fulfillment of His promises.

Drawing from Exodus 15:1-2, the Song of Moses celebrates deliverance and redemption. It echoes throughout the ages, reminding believers of God’s faithfulness in leading His people through trials and triumphs. Likewise, Revelation 15:3-4 resounds with praise for the holy and righteous acts of God, acknowledging His justice and mercy.

Psalm 86:8-10 emphasizes the uniqueness of God among the gods, worthy of all praise and glory. His works, as recounted in Psalm 111:2-4, are characterized by righteousness and steadfastness, providing assurance that His promises endure forever.

In Revelation 15:1-4, believers find comfort and encouragement amidst tribulation, knowing that God’s ultimate victory is assured. As you face the challenges of life, may you echo the song of the redeemed, praising God for His faithfulness, righteousness, and unfailing love.

Many Blessings,

Pastor Vernon

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