Barn Party 2017

Bismarck Adventist Church Hosts Annual Barn Party 2017

Bismarck Seventh-day Adventist Church members sang, ate, and visited at the Annual Barn Party on September 16, 2017 at Kimber and Tammy Flemmer's farm.

"It's super fun! There's dinner, activities, and kittens you can pet," said KennaDee Quast, age 11. "We got to eat yellow raspberries from the garden."

Each year the Flemmers spend hours cleaning, cooking, and decorating to host this western-themed event--one of many church members' favorite. Several wore hats, boots, and other western attire to add to the festivity.  A bonfire kept attendees warm while they sang songs accompanied by a guitarist.

The potluck dinner included a nacho bar trough, which was full of tortilla chips. The damp, cool weather didn't stop the party from being a hit once again!